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Please Get Involved. We Need Everyone Working Together.

Community Involvement Is So Important.

There is much work to be done and many volunteers have assisted in cutting grass, raking leaves, pruning shrubs and picking up fallen limbs and litter.

Volunteering does not necessarily have to be a long-term commitment, giving a small amount of time from your busy schedule and helping your community can improve your health and happiness. Something as simple as picking up litter along the street in and around these cemeteries only takes a few minutes and makes a big difference. Weedeating and raking leaves are also great ways to help out. Community involvement improves lives and strengthens our community but most important is the intangible benefits of pride, satisfaction and accomplishment. Selma can be a city where people unite and take action to create lasting change.

Cemetery Preservation Group, Inc. will be working to raise money for various projects to protect and preserve our historic cemeteries. We will be cleaning grave markers with a PH neutral cleaner that is approved by the National Park Service to be used on marble, granite, stone, concrete and brickwork. We will be hiring masons to help repair and rebuild retaining walls. Others will be hired to remove dead and diseased trees, repair broken grave markers, and much more.

Many citizens as well as tourists visit these historic cemeteries on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. Some to walk and exercise, others to place flowers on a loved ones grave or to simply enjoy the peace and serenity while spending time with mother nature and appreciating her creations like the moss-laden live oak trees and the beautiful azaleas to name a few. Many come to do genealogy work and learn about their ancestors while others enjoy looking at grave markers that are noteworthy not only for their inscriptions but also for their craftsmanship and beauty.

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