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About Us

Cemetery Preservation Group, Inc. is a nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code, committed to restoring, preserving, and safeguarding historic cemeteries. Our team consists of dedicated volunteers, ensuring that 100% of your tax-deductible donations directly fund cemetery repairs and preservation efforts.

Our initial focus is on three cemeteries in Selma, where we aim to implement significant improvements as funding from donations and grants becomes available. Some of the key improvements we plan to undertake include:

  1. Securing open graves and damaged mausoleums to prevent further deterioration or collapse.

  2. Cleaning and maintaining grave markers, especially those over 20 years old with biological growth that requires periodic cleaning.

  3. Repairing and stabilizing broken or unsteady grave markers, recognizing their importance as vital historical records.

  4. Trimming aged oak trees within the cemeteries to ensure their health, remove dead limbs, and enhance visitor safety.

  5. Removing and replacing dead trees promptly to prevent accidents and protect grave markers, with a focus on replanting live oak trees for future sustainability.

  6. Restoring collapsed brick retaining walls along walkways, particularly in Old Live Oak Cemetery.

  7. Installing necessary signage, including division markers and wayfinder signs, to aid visitors in navigating the cemeteries and identifying historically significant graves.

  8. Conducting safety and security assessments, addressing lighting issues, and repairing or replacing fences and gates as needed.

  9. Assessing and addressing drainage and erosion concerns to preserve the integrity of the cemetery grounds.

By prioritizing these initiatives, we aim to honor the memory of those laid to rest in these historic cemeteries and create a safe, respectful environment for visitors to appreciate and learn from our shared heritage.

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