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We sincerely appreciate these families sharing their loved ones memories with us.

Check back often for additions.

Rev. William Frederick McRee & wife Sarah Jefferies McRee

Buried Live Oak Cemetery Division E Lot 86

1 OLO Rev William Frederick McRee Div E Lot 86 - 9-21-2022 Before.jpg
4a OLO Rev William Frederick McRee Div E Lot 86 - 9-21-2022 After cropped.jpg
2 OLO Rev William Frederick McRee Div E Lot 86 - 9-21-2022 During.jpg

Repairs Completed - Ready For Cleaning.

The obelisk of Rev. William Frederick McRee and his wife Sarah Jefferies McRee has been repaired and reset and is now ready to be cleaned. Rev. McRee was the first pastor of The First Presbyterian Church in Selma. He began his pastorate on Jan. 4, 1840 when the original church was located at the corner of Water Ave. and Lauderdale Street. Rev. McRee, his wife and their 5 year old daughter, Sallie Houston McRee, are buried together in the old section of Live Oak Cemetery.

Tourists from around the globe stop several times each day to admire the grave marker restoration work being done by Lesley Mashburn. Not only do they have questions about the repair process but also questions about Selma’s amazing history. Lesley has become a great ambassador for Selma.

We thank The Alabama Historical Commission for providing grant monies, work permits and oversight as our project to preserve Selma’s three historic cemeteries continues into our fourth year.

Cemetery Preservation Group is honored to be able to preserve this small but important part of Selma’s history.

Doug Buster would like to thank everyone for their continued support of these efforts.

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