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We sincerely appreciate these families sharing their loved ones memories with us.

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Robert Rutherford Nance

Buried Live Oak Cemetery Division D Lot 7

Another interesting resident of Selma’s cemeteries.

I was particularly drawn to this marker due to the unusual carving of a grieving wife.

Lesley Mashburn worked hard to find all three parts of this marker and to make the intricate repairs that were needed. It will be beautiful when completed.

Robert Rutherford Nance aka R.R. Nance was born in North Carolina in 1795 and was one of the founding members and Cashier of Selma’s first bank, the Real Estate Bank of South Alabama established in 1838.

“The year of 1838 proved to be auspicious for Selma as the town witnessed the beginnings of Selma’s first bank, the Real Estate Bank of South Alabama, the formation of a medical society, and the origins of a library. The Episcopal Church and Presbyterian Church initiated building on their respective lots as set out by the Selma Land Company. This year saw the foundation of Selma's educational system with the formation of the Ladies' Educational Society of Selma. This Society founded the Masonic Institute and D

Dallas Academy.”

(Alston Fitts, Selma: Queen City)

“The winding up of the United States Bank and the suspension of the State Banks, caused, for a time, a terrible stagnation in business and trade generally; but the business men of Selma soon proved themselves equal to the emergency. About every business house issued "shin plasters," which, by general consent, was good and answered all the purposes of the trade. The town Council also issued its notes of credit, and soon flush times were upon the town. Improvements again commenced, E. Parkman erected a splendid residence in a beautiful grove, on Church street, and is now known as the Tarver or Hayden Place; numerous residences were erected, as well as quite a number of business houses.

(History of Selma Pg. 28)

“The first bank that issued bills for general circulation established in Selma was "'the Real Estate Bank of South Alabama," in 1838, with a capital of $500,000, based upon real estate, of which Gilbert Shearer was President, and R. R. Nance cashier. A complete description of this bank, with a list of its stockholders, will be found under our general history of Selma.”

(History of Selma, pg. 152)

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Grave Marker inscription:

In Memory Of

R.R. Nance

who was born at

Newberry County, So Car.

Nov 2nd, 1795

and died July 13th, 1846

aged 50 years

and 8 mos., 11 days

Currency from Real Estate Bank of South Alabama cropped.jpg
9 OLO RR Nance Div D Lot 7 - 9-13-2022 After cropped.jpg
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