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We sincerely appreciate these families sharing their loved ones memories with us.

Check back often for additions.

Stephen and Eppie McCraw

Buried Live Oak Cemetery Division C Lot 23

2 OLO Mrs Eppie Reynolds Tichenor Div C Lot 23 - 3-30-2022 Before cropped.jpg
5a OLO Mrs Eppie Reynolds Tichenor Div C Lot 23 -4-12-2022 During cropped.jpg
6 OLO Mrs Eppie Reynolds Tichenor Div C Lot 23 4-13-2022 After cropped.jpg

There are many hours of hard work that take place between the “Before” and “After” photos. While there is still some cleaning to do, these two obelisks are well on their way to being restored to their original grandeur.

Lesley Mashburn first cleaned and repaired a small marker that marks the grave of an “Infant Daughter” born to Stephen and Eppie McCraw. Lesley then began work on the large obelisk of Stephen Newton McCraw was broken prior to 2007 and was never repaired.


Mr McCraw died at the early age of 31 on May 4, 1870. His widow, Eppie Reynolds McCraw, would later marry Isaac Taylor Tichenor in 1876. Mr Tichenor was the president of Agricultural & Mechanical College of Alabama now known as Auburn University. She died two years after her marriage to Mr Tichenor and was buried next to her first husband and infant daughter in Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, AL. Her grave is also marked with an ornate obelisk.

Everyone buried here has a story to tell.

IMG_6439 OLO Div C Lot 23 Infant Daughter McCraw 10-29-2021 During.jpg
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