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Cleaning, Repairing and Preserving Our Historic Cemeteries For Future Generations

About Us

Cemetery Preservation Group, Inc. is a “501(c)(3)” non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, restoration, and preservation of historic cemeteries. We are staffed by volunteers so 100% of your tax deductible donations go directly to cemetery repairs and preservation. While we are not usually involved in the day


Our current projects include three historic cemeteries located in Selma, Alabama

  1. Old Live Oak/ Live Oak Cemetery Established 1829 & expanded in 1877

  2. Lorenzo Harrison Memorial Gardens Established in 1854 as Elmwood Cemetery.

  3. New Live Oak Cemetery Established 1925.


Your tax deductible donations are very much needed and greatly appreciated. 100% of your donation goes to repairing and preserving these historic cemeteries.

Please visit our secure Donation Page today and help however you can.

Get Involved

There is much work to be done and many volunteers have assisted in cutting grass, raking leaves, pruning shrubs and picking up fallen limbs and litter.  

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